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How to tune, clean, pack, and move an EMT Plate Reverb

Making a calibrated wrench for the purpose of tuning an EMT 140 plate Reverb. Here is a simple, effective solution for a problem that's been bugging Studio techs for 60 years… The following items are required… - A 10mm wrench suitable for turning the 10mm "tensioning...

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How to Pack a Guitar for Shipping

Packing a guitar for shipping requires a few essential items, and a bit of work if one actually wants the instrument to arrive without damage. Here is the method I have developed over the last 15 years. In that time I have shipped Many nice instruments,...

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Funny Stories

Funny Stories Here’s one for you….guy called me one time looking for a driver magnet for an EMT, because his ex took it when she left….can you picture her removing the side in order to get at it? The “creative moment” has always seemed magical to me. I don’t know...

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