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Recent Posts by Dan

When the better mic isn’t better

  When The Better Mic Isn't Better....... I was trying to sell a microphone to a well known voice over studio in Los Angeles. They had numerous studios, all dedicated to recording voice talent. Their standard microphone was a Sennheiser long shotgun mic, maybe an...

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Anyone Want a Neve Part?

It never fails to impress me how much human labor went into building 80 Series Neve consoles. I am referring to desks built from about 1970 – 1978. Neve had 500 employees! They must have bought the tea in bales … Check this out: the wiring looms for the consoles went...

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Guest blog by Michael James, producer

The Hole Truth (from December 30, 2015) I recall the conversation as if it were yesterday: “You really need to produce this band. They’re going to be HUGE!” Bruce Pavitt, one of the two principals at SubPop Records, was calling me from Seattle, long-distance, back in...

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Guest Blog by Jon Rubin of The Rubinoos

Gotcha! This really pissed me off. When recording our first album we cut a track with a three-part harmony lead vocal. On playback, we realized that it was all slightly out of tune. We asked the producer to let us re-record it and proceeded to do so. Trying to be...

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Clapton’s Fool SG … Yeech!

I was 17 in 1967. My friend Dave Carpender, later guitarist for The Greg Kihn Band, turned me on to John Mayall's Beano album. Clapton was just ridiculous on that record. Cream was fantastic. I love their first album Fresh Cream. Clapton's Sunburst was stolen, and he...

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The Larson Brothers and

The Larson Brothers and

The Larson Brothers Invented The Steel String Flat Top Guitar !                                                                                                Carl and August Larson immigrated to the United States from Sweden in the mid-1880s. They were skilled...

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The Mother of Necessity

Today, if you need a stand mount for a vintage microphone, there are numerous makers who provide just about anything you might require. Back in the late 70s, the choice was much more limited. There were virtually no mounts that would work with an M49 or M50, and they...

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Final Console Commissioning

SO … you have built a recording studio. You have nearly killed yourself and who knows how many others, building it. You have invested a ton of dough in a gorgeous classic recording console. The techs have charged you a zillion dollars installing it. It’s time to turn...

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Can I Testify?

I was speaking with my old friend John Nelson the other day. We both have been buying and selling vintage guitars since our teens. We each have had literally thousands of fine instruments pass through our hands. At the same time, we always had a guitar or two that was...

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I drink tea. I drink a lot of tea. So I have a dedicated electric water boiling pot. My old one broke, and I got a new one. The problem is the new one has 4 buttons on it, and a temperature gauge. Do I need water that is 177 degrees? My old boiling pot had a single...

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