My dad had two brothers: my wonderful Uncles Bill and Jack. The oldest brother Jack and his family lived in Hewlett, Long Island. My folks moved from NYC to Buffalo when I was 5. I started playing guitar when I was 14.

At some point soon thereafter, we were visiting Jack’s house, and I had my España guitar with me. Jack says, “I have a guitar too!” He brings down from the attic what I now know was an early ‘50s Gibson CF100 guitar. The CF100 is a small bodied acoustic with a cutaway, the same body size as a Gibson LG1 or LG2. At the time I knew nothing, but they are quite scarce and very cool. There is also an electrified version, with the same pickup as the J160e called (oddly enough) the CF100e.

Fast forward to circa 1997, and my cousin Al, Jack’s son, is visiting. We are talking about Jack’s house, which had been sold after Jack died. I asked, “What happened to Jack’s guitar?” Al says, “What guitar?”

I’m guessing that the house buyer or some cleaning company person or a realtor or who knows … got a nice present. Today it’s about a $4,000 guitar!