1. Ivan Kruglak

    Hi, I’m checking out a Neumann M49b and power supply and am looking for the PS schematic. It appears to be an original PS, but doesn’t have the usual Neumann nameplate, which could have fallen off.

    The filament is regulated by an LM723 and a pass transistor. The B+ has a TIP49 transistor with a simple zener circuit for regulation. It works fine, but I’d love to find a schematic and a part number. The 723 date code is 9124, obviously much newer than the mic.

    Any ideas? Do you have a schematic?


    • Dan Alexander

      Hi Ivan—
      I work for Dan, he doesn’t look at the comments very often, sorry! Hope it’s not too late. There are thousands of spam comments to wade through, it’s awful.
      He said to ask you to send a photo of the power supply. Please send
      to his email: [email protected]



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