This really pissed me off. When recording our first album we cut a track with a three-part harmony lead vocal. On playback, we realized that it was all slightly out of tune. We asked the producer to let us re-record it and proceeded to do so. Trying to be clever and prove we were wasting time, the producer had the engineer play us the first out of tune track. Thinking we would say “yeah that’s good,” he could then tell us ‘gotcha’ and that we were wasting time.

Unfortunately for him, we immediately knew it wasn’t the track we just sang and busted him on it. After AB-ing the two tracks, the new one was so obviously superior that we never had to hear any more nonsense about correcting out of tune singing. Lesson to all you would-be producers … ‘gotcha’ is a shitty production technique and out of tune is generally not acceptable!