I was speaking with my old friend John Nelson the other day. We both have been buying and selling vintage guitars since our teens. We each have had literally thousands of fine instruments pass through our hands. At the same time, we always had a guitar or two that was “our guitar,” the one we played. We were talking about what an incredible collection it would be had we simply kept them all. They were always great, because we had access to so many incredible examples. So here’s my list, as I remember it. These were guitars I played often, and for more than a week or two, from 1968 through 2000. I don’t have any of them now. As near as I can remember, these were the prices I paid for them.

1950’s Martin D28 ($350)

1965 Precision Bass ($150)

1959 Sunburst 335 ($325?)

1960 Blond ES345 ($500)

1959 Cherry ES355 ($400)

1960 Sunburst LP ($500)

1959 Sunburst LP ($500)

1959 Cherry Top LP ($1000)

1961 Epiphone Wilshire ($300?)

1958 Sunburst Telecaster ($275?)

1959 LP Custom ($350?)

1958 Goldtop LP (trade for a newish 345)

1955 Goldtop LP ($250?)

’70s Martin D18 (?)

1929 Martin 0040H ($1000)

Early 50s Epiphone Deluxe Flattop Cutaway ($1500)

1961 Les Paul TV Special ($700)

Quite a valuable list by today’s standards. Quite a nice list, by any standard! I am scared to see John’s list!