“I don’t like the way windscreens change the sound”….Seriously? Speaking strictly from technical jargon, exactly what frequencys does a typical nylon pop filter or windscreen affect? I gotta tell you, I think we are talking way way way up there…BUT in any case, you still need to use a wind screen, and here’s why:

because you actually like that expensive condenser microphone and you want it to continue to work up to snuff.    That’s why!

Whats with screening the wind?

Well, there’s two things…first, popped P’s and other vocal aberrations may not be eliminated by a wind screen, but they are surely attenuated by a windscreen.

But the more important thing is this: if you don’t use a windscreen for vocals and some horns, you are Damaging your nice microphone, to the point where you may need to have the diaphragm reskinned….why?

Well, moisture in a singers breath gets on the capsule, and attracts dust, which then becomes a little bit of gunk on the diaphragm. Enough of those and the frequency response starts to go, and eventually, the capsule will become “ breath sensitive” …moisture from breath will cause the capsule to make all kinds of ocean roar sounds. Cleaning the diaphragm may ameliorate the problem, but please, don’t try it at home! Have it done by a qualified professional…my two cents: when cleaning a diaphragm, one does not need to actually touch the diaphragm with anything!!

These are very thin metal films, and easily damaged. Dont break your wonderful microphone….

so use a damned windscreen!

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