Gibson SG Special 1964 Extraordinary!!

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This wonderful Gibson 1964 SG Special is unreal. The neck is flat and wide; plays unbelievably. Fretboard is your classic 1964 1 11/16" . It is NOT the later (1965-1969)1 9/16'width . Has numerous honest dings, but no breaks. The original P90's were in the gigbag and we removed the silly bartolini's and put the original s back in....Sounds Like God!

If I were keeping it, I would have the frets milled, or replaced. 

We have the original Maestro Tailpiece, but it does not have its vibrato arm.  The original 3 on a plate klusons have been replaced with Grovers. There are now tuner ferrells that will allow retrofitting of the original style tunersavailable from Stew mac. We do not have the original stop tailpiece, although the studs appear original.

Plays, looks and sounds INCREDIBLE. Classic Blazing Pete Townsend, Aengus Young Tone for days!

These guitars are selling for up to $7500. This one is worth every penny of the $4700. we are asking. Price includes shipping in the USA.