Gibson L4 1917 - 1923 Archtop Oval Hole Top of the Line.

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This is an interesting instrument. Carved top and back, large oval soundhole. Has one repaired top crack. There is an area on the back where someone appears to have poured clear finish. part of the fretboard binding is missing. Fon number 11536 on the neckblock places it from 1917 - 1923. Neck is surprisingly slender and comfortable. Serial number is 66980. Original hardshell case in nice condition. If I were keeping this, I'd probably get new frets . Action is quite low, a heavier set of strings would probably work well . Classic old timey tone; the L4 was the top of the line Gibson acoustic  from 1903 through the 20's . Vintage guitar guide says $2000-$3000 .