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Glyn Johns drum mic setup: one of the truely great engineers, Glyn Johns' credits include the kinks ,the stones,the who and the beatles, amoung many others. His technique of drum micing is fast and sounds great. You can use 20 mics and take 3 days to set them up, and if you're lucky, it might sound as good as this technique, which takes about 20 minutes. Hint: it only works well if you have a good drummer and a good sounding room to record in...

1) Over (cardiod:panned Left) about 4"-6" above Floor Tom facing Hi-Hat across Snare.
2) Over (cardiod:Panned Right) about 2'-3' above the kit facing between the toms and snare.
3) Snare
4) Kick

5)room mics, bottom snare mic,2nd kick mic are all optional...the overheads work best if they are large diaphragm condensers....